About Publishing Online

Without sounding too pompous, The Masculinity Conspiracy is published online as a form of community service. As a writer I don’t have much to offer other than my ideas. To date, these ideas have been developed in articles and books, and for readers to access these they must have certain resources: money to spare, or access to the right kind of library.

The problems I unpack and the solutions I propose are too important to be kept from those without sufficient resources. By publishing for free online, anyone who wants to hear this message will have the opportunity.

However, I don’t want to suggest this project is totally one of self-sacrifice: I still get something out of it beyond doing a good deed. Chiefly, a wider readership is more satisfying to me than the supposed prestige of a printed book; the cultural capital derived from such a project is more satisfying to me than potential royalties from a printed book. I say this because being more aware of and transparent about our motivations is a key aspect of this book.


Written by Joseph Gelfer

March 29, 2010 at 6:12 pm

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