03: Sexuality cont’d

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In response to this masculine pathology, Lawlor calls for a balance, both between the ancient and more misguided contemporary visions of masculine sexuality, and also between the masculine and feminine. Indeed, Lawlor sees the balancing between the masculine and feminine as a cycle which defines history itself, inasmuch as in “pre-historical” times (or around 4-5000 years ago) feminine traits were more highly valued, whereas this became overtaken by the valuing of masculine traits: “This alternation between male/female dominance seems to be the dynamic that drives history, just as all progressive time alternates between day and night, warmer and colder seasons.” Lawlor believes we are at the end of the current era focusing on masculine traits and are circling back towards the feminine, restoring balance—for a time, at least.

Through balance—achieved via an appropriate understanding of masculine and feminine polarity—Lawlor believes we find solutions to the sexual problems the world faces today. We hear from Lawlor that masculine sexuality is skewed to the point where it objectifies women, but this is only half the problem. For example, Lawlor claims that rape is partly the problem of masculine sexuality becoming too focused on aggression, but is also due to “the excessive sexual passivity of women” whose sexuality has been equally skewed through our patriarchal era, denying its adventurousness.

Lawlor offers the Australian Aborigines as an example of a tribal society that maintained the importance of the sexual assertiveness of women, resulting in a “deep understanding of the power and implications of sexual energy in the organization of all life.” In the same way, while Lawlor does not see homosexuality as fundamentally wrong, he claims the “crisis in male/female sexuality” and its lack of balance means homosexuality has “grown to disproportionate levels in society and to pathological levels in the psychology of some individuals,” presumably for those individuals who seek to impose balance via homosexual behavior “even though it is not a deep part of their basic nature.”



Written by Joseph Gelfer

August 1, 2010 at 12:28 pm

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